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His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji of Avadhoota Datta Peetham Mysore, consecrated the Datta Temple, Baton Rouge , U.S.A. Sri Swamiji performed Praana Prathishta for Lord Ganapathi, Anagha Devi Sameta Lord Dattatreya, and Lord Siva on Guru Purnima day, July 20, 1997. The first Datta temple outside India was inaugurated at Datta Retreat Center, West Sunbury, Pennsylvania (USA). The second Datta temple was constructed in Trinidad & Tobago. Datta Temple is the third Dattatreya temple Sri Swamiji's devotees built outside India.

His Holiness Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji expressed happiness over the enthusiasm, efforts and interest shown by the Datta devotees in USA. He further said that Dattatreya's non-sectoral teachings should be followed to remove much of the troubles in the world today. Speaking on this auspicious occasion His Holiness said that the temple in the Baton Rouge was the 26th Datta temple constructed by Datta Peetham.

Attached to the temple is a sprawling auditorium called Sri Jayalakshmi Mata Bhavan where Annadanam during festive occasions, other cultural get-togethers, and other activities toward general welfare of society take place. As it was Guru Purnima, Sri Swamiji was worshipped by thousands of devotees who had come from far and wide. In spite of a hot and sweaty day, about 1500 people gathered in the Sri Jayalakshmi Mata Bhavan to participate in the Sri Chakra Puja & Guru Purnima ceremonies.

After the Praana Prathishta festival His Holiness Sri Swamiji released the following: